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Tuesday, September 23rd - 3:24 PM

Spokane City/County Historic Landmarks Commission
Commission Chair: Jim Kolva
Commission Co-Chairs: Beth Fairfax and Lynn Mandyke

Commission Requirements:
The Historic Landmarks Commission consists of eleven members who have demonstrated experience and/or interest in historic preservation. The City Council and the County Commissioners jointly appoint seven members of specific professions. The County Commissioners appoint two county residents at large. The City Council appoints two city residents at large. Commissioners term of office is three years. No member will be deemed to have served one term if he/she resigns or is removed after appointment or if he/she serves an unexpired term of less than two years. No member may serve more than two consecutive terms of three years, unless the City Council or County Commissioners shall so designate.

SMC 17D.040.030.

Mission Statement/Purpose:
The City and Spokane County find that the establishment of a landmarks commission with specific duties to recognize, protect, enhance and preserve those buildings, districts, objects, sites and structures which serve as visible reminders of the historical, archaeological, architectural, educational and cultural heritage of the city and county is a public necessity. The Spokane City/County Historic Landmarks Commission functions under a joint ordinance passed by both the City and County in 1981 and 1982. Its purpose is to provide stewardship of the historic and architecturally significant properties in the City and County. The Commission has the responsibility of recommending the designation of historic landmarks and districts to the Spokane Register of Historic Places, and of managing those landmarks once they are designated.

Duties of Commission Members:
The Commission usually meets the third Wednesday of each month at 2:00 p.m. in the Council Briefing Center, City Hall.

Members: Term Dates of Term
Jim Kolva – ChairPreservation Construction Specialist12/31/13
Beth Fairfax – Co-Vice ChairCounty at Large Representative12/31/13
Jamie BrownArchaeologist12/31/15
Lynn MandykeHistorian12/31/15
Jerry BaldwinCity at Large Representative06/30/13
Jim HarperCounty at Large Representative12/31/14
Carl DurkoopCentral Business District12/31/14
Randall WilsonArchitect12/31/15
Wendy BudgeCity at Large Representative12/31/15


Kristen Griffin
Historic Preservation Officer

4 vancancies

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