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Friday, May 29th - 1:06 AM

Where are you located?
The Civil Service office is located on the 4th floor of City Hall at 808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd., Spokane, WA 99201-3315, which is on the corner of Post and Spokane Falls Blvd. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except holidays.

When can I take the Civil Service Examination?
There is no standard Civil Service Examination. All of our examinations are specific to each of our job classifications. Current job openings can be found under the jobs tab on the home page at, or by calling our job line at (509) 625.6161.

How do I apply?
You may apply online, download and print an application from our website, call our office and request an application packet, or stop by our office. Applications must be submitted, postmarked, faxed, or e-mailed on or before the closing date. Please be certain that you have included all supporting documentation, i.e. supplemental application if required, Form DD214 for Veteran’s preference, driver’s license, etc., Fax (509) 625-6077, org">, phone (509) 625-6160.

When are you giving the exam for a particular position?
We normally give examinations on a two-year cycle when the current eligibility list for that job classification is about to expire. Current job openings can be found under the jobs tab on the home page at, or by calling our job line at (509) 625.6161.

What is my number on the eligibility list for the examination I took?
Once an examination is completed, those who participated are mailed a card showing their rank on the eligible list. Applicants on the eligible list may contact the Civil Service office at (509) 625.6160, or by e-mail at to obtain their current rankings.

Is there an immediate opening for this position, or are you establishing a list?
Our examinations are typically given on a two-year test cycle for the job classifications that have a large number of openings during that period. Other job classes that are used less frequently may only have a list established when an opening is anticipated. In either case, one or more openings are anticipated in the near future if a job announcement is issued.

How long is the eligible list good for and when will it expire?
Eligible lists are typically good for two years once they are established, unless otherwise indicated on the announcement.

How many people are hired each year for specific positions?
It varies considerably from classification to classification. Typically, the City hires approximately a dozen each for Police Officers and Firefighters. Similar hiring rates occur for our entry-level laboring and clerical classifications. Some professional and technical classifications may only see one opening or no openings during any given year.

Can I be on more than one eligible list?
There is no limit to the number of eligible lists that a person can be on. The only limit is meeting the minimum qualifications for that job classification you wish to take the examination for.

Do I have to take a separate examination for each position?
You do have to take a separate, job related, examination for each job classification you wish to be considered for.

When will I be interviewed?
It depends on how high you are ranked on our eligibility list and how quickly positions come open. The top ten names are considered for hire when positions come open.

How many people are interviewed for each opening?
The top ten names are considered for each opening for an open-entry position. The hiring official interviews those in their rank order and hires the one that best fits the needs of the department. The department need not interview all those provided for consideration. For example, the department might choose to interview only the number one person and hire that person.

How can I study for an examination?
On each job announcement, you will find the subjects listed that may be included on that examination. You may use any reference you wish to study the subjects listed.

What is the difference between an “open-entry” and a “promotional” examination?
An open-entry examination is open for application to all those who meet the minimum requirements listed on the job announcement. A promotional examination is restricted to current City of Spokane employees who are in that particular career progression line.

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