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Thursday, March 5th - 12:02 AM

The Spokane City Council approved a new conservation-based water rate structure, which started on January 1, 2011. Under the new rate structure, large water users will pay more per gallon of water than customers who use less water. At the same time, small volume users will see their bills go down under the new structure.

When you use the calculator, you will need a copy of your recent City of Spokane utility bill. Key in the information requested and click the Calculate button. You will see your current 2011 rates, as well as an estimate of your charges should you decrease your water usage by 10% or 20%. Good water stewardship is a high priority for the City of Spokane, and reducing your water consumption will help conserve valuable natural resources and save you money! You may also wish to change the size of your solid waste cart and see how that affects your bill.

City of Spokane water rates remain among the lowest in Washington, part of our ongoing commitment to provide sustainable, affordable water services.

The online calculator is for estimating purposes only. Sewer and Water consumption is billed every other month, and this calculator will show you the amount including those charges. Your actual bill may vary slightly due to mathematical rounding. If you have specific questions about your utility bill, you can contact the Utilities Billing department at (509) 625-6000.

Helpful Water Conservation Links:

1. Property Location
Inside City
Outside City

2.Garbage Can size
0 gal
32 gal
68 gal
95 gal

3. Yardwaste cart

4.Water Consumption In Gallons
Found in upper right section of bill under WATER USAGE. For non-consumption months, enter 0.

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