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Saturday, February 28th - 4:32 PM

How Much Water Does Your Yard Really Need?

Baffled by trying to match landscaping sprinkler schedules to the changing seasons? Is some part of your yard shaded, and some parts in full sun? Is your soil mostly clay, or fast draining sand? Many property owners go for a single setting and stick to it, often keeping their lawn too wet and wasting water. Understanding where, when, and how much water we use is the first step in beginning to conserve one of our most precious resources. Using this online calculator will allows you to customize your outdoor irrigation schedule based on soil conditions, plant type, and sprinkler type. If you have multiple zones to calculate watering times for, use this Zone Worksheet to keep track.

This is a simplified schedule based on averages for the Spokane regional area. Small adjustments made over time to your watering schedule will help increase the efficiency of these recommendations. Remember, apply only the water that your landscaping needs will help keep your plants healthy, and it will help all of us use this important resource wisely

Describe your Watering Area

1. Sprinkler Types to be Used:
Rotating Spray Head
Stationary Spray Head

2. Plant Type to be Watered:
Shrubs, Trees, or Bedding Plants
Lawn or Turf

3. Soil Type for Your Area: Questions? Consult our Soil Guide
Sandy - Gritty texture that does not stick together well
Clay - Slick smooth texture binds easily. Little to no grittiness
Loam - Slightly sticky, but without clay's smooth texture

This sprinkler calculator is based from a simplified schedule in the book Sprinkler Scheduling, in 15 minutes! By Tim Wilson, CSWP,CTT+,CIC,CLIA,CGIA. Calculations have been customized for the region near Spokane, WA. These figures may not apply to all areas.

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